Tanja Kallio

Designer and artist who works with graphic design, textile design and textile art. Does client assignments, visual consultations, creative cooperation projects and multi-artistic projects. Has studied art, communication, graphic design, design and textile design. Has been working as a freelancer and running own DESIGN STUDIO MUOTOGRAFIA since 2015. Member of The Finnish Association of Designers ORNAMO and The Finnish Association of Textile Artists TEXO. Works and lives in Espoo, Finland.


Known also…

Designs and produces own ecological and sustainable design knit collection by name TANJA KALLIO DESIGN. www.tanjakalliodesign.fi

Is founding member, producer and designer in CONCREATIVES design collective, which works through soft activism and handcraft making urban art, ‘yarn bombing’, textile graffiti and workshops. www.concreatives.fi

Designs patterns world wide to clients in textile, paper, interior, cloths and wood industries.
Influences in the pattern community PATTERNS FROM AGENCY. www.patternsfrom.fi 

Is from Kainuu region in Northern Finland. Is very active nature adventurer and hikes in Northern Scandinavian nature and Lapland in all seasons. Activities include free running, paddling, cross country skiing, ice skating, wild swimming, picking wild berries and mushrooms. Gets biggest inspirations from experiencing and photographing the nature.


” I am a sensitive person who is inspired by multi-disciplinarity, experiences and learning new things. I am curious, professionally ambitious and challenge myself to be diverse. Interfaces between art, design, architecture, science and technology interest me a lot. I appreciate a design that crystallises honest raw material and simplicity of form into something real.
I get inspiration from creative interfaces, natural forms and materials, stories & folklore, yarns, tea, urban & street art. “