Mini ryas

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Small and wolly textileart

Miniature wool “ryijy” ryas are new way textile art collection. Round shaped small (tufted wool yarn, wood frame, 10 x 10 cm & 20 x 20 cm) individual textile pieces or group of series textile pieces with different colours and patterns are designed intime spaces and homes. “Wool ryas are considered mainly large wall textiles and rugs, but my pieces born the idea of small and simple wall textile to modern spaces.”

Series of collection has been seen in first time The Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo’ s Art&Design Sale 2017. Unique serie of pieces are part of privet rya collection in Finland. Some pieces taking part of “Yhteispeli” group textile art exhibition june 2017 in Makkara Gallery in Helsinki. Shown in Helsinki privet exhibition “Moments on the spot” in teahouse Teemaa august-october 2017.